Monday, July 21, 2008

      Do you know there is some one who cares for you and wishes to live with you? He wants to be your friend and remove your loneliness, bondages, sickness and bless your present and future with Joy & happiness just because he loves you. He is The One & Only Living God who created us for a reason. Heaven, earth and all that are in it were created by the word of The Living God, but He created man in his own image because he loves us so much and has a purpose for each one of us. All that He wants of us is to love him truly. So when our ancestor's didn't obey him they presented sacrifices, at last God sent his only son Jesus Christ as the ultimate sacrifice for our wrongdoings. Jesus Christ was born in a manger and lived a very holly life and he shed his blood on the cross so that we may have forgiveness for all our wrongdoings. On the 3rd day he rose again from death. He is alive and is watching you right now with love & compassion. Good new is    
"If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised him from death, you will be saved"   Romans 10:9(Bible)
         So if you believe in Jesus and want to experience pure love right now please repeat this prayer with me

         "Dear Jesus I believe that you are the son of the Living God. You came to this world as a sacrifice for our wrongdoings. I accept you as my personal savior and request you to take charge of me."

         That's it, from this moment on Jesus will take care of you, enjoy his love, friendship and you are never lonely again and you will have eternal peace & joy.  Do remember to lead a life that is good in His site. To know more just ask Jesus and read Bible He will talk to you and lead you through in ways you hardly can dream. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions